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nlp-weka-package released

Just released the first version of my new Weka package for natural language processing (NLP): https://github.com/fracpete/nlp-weka-package At the moment, it contains only some filters (ChangeCase, PartOfSpeechTagging) and tokenizers (WhiteSpaceTokenizer, PTBTokenizer). It uses the Stanford parser for the NLP heavy lifting.


pyweka, or python-weka-wrapper in full, is a Python wrapper for WEKA using the javabridge library. This allows you to make use of WEKA functionality from within Python (and therefore the whole Python universe of libraries!) rather than the other way…
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The MEKA project provides an open source implementation of methods for multi-label classification. It is based on the WEKA Machine Learning Toolkit from the University of Waikato. I’ve been involved with the project on a software engineering basis, rather than…
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