Bunch of releases

Well, the Xmas break has been a productive one so far. When work doesn’t get in the way, I actually get around to push out some new releases. 😉

  • python-weka-wrapper3 0.1.16 now comes with Weka 3.9.5.
  • weka-virtualenv now allows the installation of Weka 3.8.5 and 3.9.5 as well.
  • common-csv-weka-package 2020.12.29 has a more powerful loader now, with a similar range of options to Weka’s built-in one.
  • mini-weka, a Weka version without package manager, PMML, XML, UI or MTJ dependencies, is now in line with Weka 3.9.5 (released under GPLv3).
  • tiny-weka is similar to mini-weka, but it only contains core classes and abstract super classes of the various class hierarchies, no actual implementations of algorithms. This library is released under MIT, to make it easy for companies to obtain a commercial license for just the few classes that they need for their products.