python-weka-wrapper3 release out now

New versions of Weka were released just before Xmas (basically after the Advanced Data Mining with Weka MOOC finished), but since I was so bogged down with other commercial work before the university was shutting down, I didn’t get around to making a new release of my python-weka-wrapper library.

On the upside of having a bit more time, this new release (0.1.11) of the python-weka-wrapper3 library not only sports the new Weka version 3.9.4, but also tries to be a bit more helpful when instantiations of classes fail: the library now has a list of all classes that all official Weka packages contain and can therefore suggest what package to install in case you forgot to do that (e.g., when moving to another computer) or if you didn’t start the JVM with package support. Of course, you can use this functionality via the suggest_package method of the weka.core.packages module directly as well.

Since Python 2.7 (finally) reached its end-of -life at the start of the year, I decided to retire the Python 2.7 version of the library as well. From now, there will only be releases for Python 3.x coming out.