jshell-scripting update

Just released a new version of my jshell-scripting library. A post on the MOA mailing list, reminded me that I’d forgotten to update the jshell-scripting dependency, leaving a NullPointerException in there from the early days. Instead of just updating to the latest version, I decided to do a bit of refactoring to address two things: first, separating the JShell execution from the GUI and, second, enabling sizeofag Java agent also in code that is executed via JShell.

As a result, the 0.1.0 release now allows you to specify additional -J, -R and -C flags (-javaagent is used with -R) and execute scripts in the background via the JShellExec class. As a bonus, I’ve turned the code snippets from the README.md into proper Java classes and referenced them accordingly.

All in all, much happier with the library now. Well, like most little libraries, it started out as a quick hack… 😉