A few releases: meka, sizeofag and weka-virtualenv

This week, we finally managed to get a release of Meka out the door: 1.9.2. It now sports Weka 3.9.2 and now also works under Java 9 and later.

After many, many years, I’ve released a new version of sizeofag, a tiny library for determining the size of Java objects. This time is was for getting it work nicely with Java 9 and later. Working on MOA today, I noticed nasty exceptions when trying to output the size of classifiers. Digging deeper, Java 9 no longer allows setting accessibility bits. Simple try-catch-block solved that. 😉

And finally, fixed a bunch of little bugs in my weka-virtualenv tool. Download of available Weka versions and installing of Weka zip files now works reliably. The fixes also included a number of UI improvements. Anyway, the current version is: 0.0.20.