rsync4j refactored and new release

In order to be able to support more platforms in the future, I refactored my rsync4j library today, turning it from a monolithic library into separate modules:

  • rsync4j-core – the core Java classes that wrap around the rsync binaries, all you need when you are on Linux or Mac OSX
  • rsync4j-windows-x86 – Windows 32-bit binaries (new)
  • rsync4j-windows-x86_64 – Windows 64-bit binaries
  • rsync4j-all – combines all modules

NB: The Windows binaries contain updated cygwin rsync/ssh binaries as of 2018-02-25.

This modularization allows a more fine-grained targeting of platforms (e.g., non-Windows only or only 64-bit ones), combating software bloat a bit. 😉

Another change is the move from a single to documentation generated by mkdocs, automatically publishing in on

Finally, the just released version is: 3.1.2-9