rsycn4j 3.1.2-7 released

This week, I had a Windows user of my rsync4j library that just couldn’t get the binaries to get copied into their home directory, always resulting in a Stream closed error. After lots of digging, turns out that they were building a jar that contains its dependencies as nested jars, something that I hadn’t tested. Came across this post on stackoverflow, which helped us sorting out the issue. The library now works from within jars with self-contained dependencies as generated by Maven plugins like spring-boot-maven-plugin.

It is now also possible to force rsync4j to copy the binaries to a predefined location rather than into the user’s home directory, by simply setting the RSYNC4J_HOME environment variable. If the specified directory does not exist, then the user executing the rsync4j command must have sufficient rights to create that directory, of course.

Long story short, a new release is out: 3.1.2-7