moved documentation from to

In the past, I uploaded my sphinx generated documentation to (made available at for my python projects using the sphinx-pypi-upload module, which integrated nicely into setuptools, that I could simply use

python upload_sphinx

to upload my HTML documentation.

However, I migrated my python-weka-wrapper project to Python3, as a library that I depended on finally became Python3 compatible, and realized that the sphinx-pypi-upload module didn’t work with Python3. Furthermore, ever since Monday, I’ve been getting 503 backend error when trying to upload the documentation for the Python2.7 version of my library.

Today, I had enough and signed up (for free) at, added the projects there and have once again up-to-date documentation, for Python2.7 and Python3. automatically picked up the sphinx documentation in my github repository and is generating the documentation from that. Past releases (= github releases) can also be made publicly available through the admin interface.

To fix the documentation on, I uploaded a simple index.html file (in a zip file) that redirects to the new location, using the admin interface for the two projects.

Just a shame that the MOOC videos etc now point to the old documentation on Oh, well…