IntelliJ IDEA: back to 14

Man, did I waste time with the new IntelliJ IDEA 2016… I didn’t mind that you checked group multi-module Maven projects on import and it chose to ignore that – simply annoying, but not a biggie. What was extremely frustrating, it didn’t bother updating its dependencies when you changed the pom.xml file. No matter how often you restarted IntelliJ, invalidated its caches or reimported Maven, it just wouldn’t update the dependency listed in the Module settings dialog. The funny (or should I say, sad??) bit was that the effective pom.xml showed exactly what I was expecting: dependency with the new version. Grr…

After wasting two days on somehow solving this issue and not getting anywhere, I switched back to IntelliJ IDEA 14. Guess what? The old version of IntelliJ had no problems with updating the version of a dependency!

And what made it worse, I couldn’t replicate this issue with a minimal, multi-module Maven project (mother pom.xml and two dependent modules). IntelliJ IDEA must somehow choke or get lost in the woods when handling a more complex project like ADAMS.

Oh well, back to getting some work done again.