python-weka-wrapper 0.3.5 released

Yesterday, I released version 0.3.5 of the python-weka-wrapper library:

  • added support for weka.core.BatchPredictor to class Classifier in module weka.classifiers
  • upgraded Weka to revision 12410 (post 3.7.13) to avoid performance bottleneck when using setOptions method
  • fixed class SetupGenerator from module weka.core.classes
  • added load_any_file method to the weka.core.converters module
  • added save_any_file method to the weka.core.converters module
  • if GridSearch instantiation (module weka.classifiers) fails, it now outputs message whether package installed and JVM with package support started

This was hopefully the last release before the upcoming Advanced Data Mining with Weka MOOC that we are currently working on. 🙂