ADAMS 0.4.9 released

Finally, finally, it’s here… The 0.4.9 release of ADAMS!

Some highlights:

  • 19 new actors
  • 1 new conversion
  • Flow editor debugging framework overhaul, allows step-by-step debugging now
  • Flow editor now offers Find usages of variables, storage items callable actors
  • added support for control charts
  • MEKA upgraded to 1.7.6
  • Groovy updated to 2.4.0 (fixes problems with Weka packages that rely on Groovy)
  • fixed actual/potential file locking issues on Windows (file handles didn’t get released till the next garbage collection call)
  • fixed very slow loading of flows in the Flow editor, which was due to WEKA’s sophisticated classname handling – turning it off resulted in speed improvement of more than 10 times
  • added wizards for appending datasets, batch-filtering datasets, merging datasets to main menu
  • added Dark Lord genetic attribute selection/optimization wizard to main menu (EXPERT user-mode)
  • spreadsheets are now editable
  • added Cost curve, Margin curve Weka visualizations to main menu
  • updated screenshots in manuals

Full list of changes (and bug-fixes), see the following mailing list posts:


  • adams.flow.control.InputOutputListener
  • adams.flow.control.MissionControl
  • adams.flow.control.SourceReset
  • adams.flow.sink.ControlChartPlot
  • adams.flow.sink.OpenFile
  • adams.flow.source.DatabaseMetaData
  • adams.flow.source.DumpStorage
  • adams.flow.source.DumpVariables
  • adams.flow.source.IntegerRange
  • adams.flow.source.ListTables
  • adams.flow.source.NewHeatmap
  • adams.flow.transformer.ControlChart
  • adams.flow.transformer.GetProperty
  • adams.flow.transformer.HeatmapGetValue
  • adams.flow.transformer.HeatmapSetValue
  • adams.flow.transformer.PDFStamp
  • adams.flow.transformer.UpdateProperty
  • adams.flow.transformer.WekaClassifierInfo
  • adams.flow.transformer.WekaClustererInfo



Have fun!