Collective-classification moved to github

I used to be a big fan of Google’s Code platform, which had pretty much everything that a small project needed:

  • revision control (hg, git, svn)
  • wiki for documentation
  • issue tracker
  • file releases

But then, Google changed their terms of service, disabling the release mechanism – mainly due to abuse. The workaround was to use Google Drive instead, which neither offered nice links nor download statistics.

With Google Drive constantly changing their interface, I was fed up last night with people not being able to figure out where and how to download an archive, so I decided to migrate the project to github.
I came across Iain’s excellent post on how to do this. There was only one minor snag: for some reason, hg-fast-export seems to delete files at the end, so I had to do a git checkout to restore the tree again before the actual git commit. Never had such a painless repository migration, I’ll have to say!

OK, so the new location for the collective-classification project is now as follows: