Moving forward: python-weka-wrapper 0.2.0

Changes in this release:

  • requires JavaBridge 1.0.9 at least
  • moved from Java-like get/set (getIndex() and setIndex(int)) to nicer Python properties
  • using Python properties (also only read-only ones) wherever possible
  • added weka.core.version for accessing the Weka version currently in use
  • added jwrapper and jclasswrapper methods to JavaObject class (the mother of all objects in python-weka-wrapper) to allow generic access to an object’s methods:
  • added convenience methods class_is_last() and class_is_first() to weka.core.Instances class
  • added convenience methods delete_last_attribute() and delete_first_attribute() to weka.core.Instances class

NB: This release is not backwards compatible and will most likely break your code!